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Field House sign    Front Entry to the historic Fielder House home of Arlington Historical Society in Arlington, Texas

Founded in 1887
The Arlington Historical Society was originally called the Cemetery Society when founded in 1887 by members dedicated to gathering and preserving historical information and items relating to the founding and growth of the city.  Dedicated residents by birth or by choice continue to join the society understanding how important the past is in relationship to the present.   Whether an old timer or a newcomer we invite you to become a part of our family who work tirelessly to save, restore and preserve Arlington's historical treasures. CLICK HERE FOR A COPY OF THE LATEST HISTORICAL SOCIETY BROCHURE

Supporting Membership
For more information e-mail Geraldine Mills or call 817-460-4001 and partner with us to preserve, protect and exhibit the diverse and rich history of Arlington.

Your History Connection!
Historic Fielder House, Fielder Museum, Knapp Heritage Park, and the Arlington Heritage Memorial Grounds on Arkansas Lane

Keeping up with the times, the Arlington Historical Society has re-branded itself. We are now Your History Connection!

We are connecting you to Arlington history, through our Fielder Museum, Historic Fielder House, Knapp Heritage Park, and the Historic Cemeteries on Arkansas Lane. We do this through tours, programs, changing exhibits, and special events. We present the Face of Arlington - people, places, and things through these venues.

At the Historic Fielder House, come view our renovations and latest exhibits, including a very special Arlington Downs exhibit. We are excited about our new look inside and outside! Come visit and see how many Faces of Arlington you recognize! Come learn!