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Executive Director
Geraldine Mills
2017-2018 Officers

Steve Barnes

1st Vice President

Jeanie Mills
assisted by
Hailey Marie Montoya

Wanda Marshall

Board  Members
Larry Barcroft
Mayling Barcroft
Steve Barnes
Nancy Bennett
Leah Box
Lydia Brosowsky
William Busby
Pam Carr
Brenda Dietrich
Anita Garmon
Deb Gardner
Sandra Greenwood
Gregg Hammond
Sue Hammond
Floreen Henry
Levine Horton
Kay King
Bear (Stephen) Lunce
Jessica Lunce
Wanda Marshall
Martha May Martin
Geraldine Mills
Jeanie Mills
Cheryl Mitchell
David Nation
Claudia Perkins
Bob Sherwood
Becky Tucker
Jack Watkins
Jannette Workman
Denise Youngblood

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"Preserve the Historic Cemeteries on Arkansas Lane!"

The Arlington Heritage Memorial Grounds located in the 600 block of W. Arkansas Lane is comprised of three independently established cemeteries on 1.8 acres that combined, serve as a monument to the history of Arlington and Tarrant County, with earliest known burials in the 1850s. The eastern portion of the area was originally named Mill Branch Cemetery, and included the Eli Ford family and members of the M.T. Johnson family. This cemetery is the resting place of Colonel Middleton Tate Johnson, the father of Tarrant County. At his death in 1866, Col. Johnson was buried in the State Cemetery in Austin, but in 1870 his family moved his body to the family plot in Arlington. In 1936, the State of Texas marked his grave site with a Centennial Marker. In the 1950’s, family members petitioned the court to officially name this small section the M.T. Johnson Family Cemetery. This cemetery was also the only place in Arlington where black residents could be buried from 1900 to the 1950s. Most of these graves are located on the western section with the earliest known burial being in 1916.

We have big plans for the cemeteries with improved fencing, security, gravestone restoration, and an interactive tour. We’ve broken the project into three phases, each with projected costs. Our partners have committed greatly to this project’s success but even with our stellar partners, this project won’t be possible without your help for its completion! Please click here for more information and details how you can provide support. Then click the blue "Donate" button to be redirected to the PayPal account handling the foundation's donations. Please click here for more information and details how you can provide support.

Founded in 1887

The Arlington Historical Society was originally called the Cemetery Society when founded in 1887 by members dedicated to gathering and preserving historical information and items relating to the founding and growth of the city.  Dedicated residents by birth or by choice continue to join the society understanding how important the past is in relationship to the present.   Whether an old timer or a newcomer we invite you to become a part of our family who work tirelessly to save, restore and preserve Arlington's historical treasures. CLICK HERE FOR A COPY OF THE LATEST HISTORICAL SOCIETY BROCHURE

Supporting Membership
Becoming a supporting member of the Arlington Historical Society is easy and affordable. Supporting memberships are an important part of the financial and volunteer support needed to help preserve and present Arlington's rich history. We depend almost entirely on volunteers to help with the many planned activities, such as the Front Street Festival each fall and a variety of exhibits and work in the office throughout the year. There is room for everyone from every generation to contribute in time, talent or technical expertise

For more information simply call 817-460-4001 and ask for Geraldine Mills. Or you can CLICK HERE FOR A PRINTABLE COPY OF AN APPLICATION FOR SUPPORTING MEMBERSHIP, which you can mail to us at the Historic Fielder House. We've got room to widen the circle, so make a new friend of your neighbors and join the Arlington Historical Society today!

Corporate & Business Sponsorship
The Arlington Historical Society graciously welcomes and covets our Corporate and Business Sponsors both locally, regionally, state and nationwide.   We cannot grow without the support of those inclined to value and fund historical preservation efforts.    The AHS is presently in need of continuing Corporate and Business Sponsorships for the expansion of popular exhibits into permanent homes or businesses in the downtown Arlington area. 

There are several levels of annual sponsorship in addition to grant funded donations or awards as we are a 501 (c) (3) qualified nonprofit organization.   For more information e-mail Geraldine Mills or call 817-460-4001 and partner with us to preserve, protect and exhibit the diverse and rich history of Arlington.

Now everyone can be a supporter!

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Register online by going to and login to your Amazon account, or create a new account, then select Arlington Historical Society (make sure Texas) as the charitable organization of choice. This has to be done once a year and will apply to all purchases that are eligible for charitable donations.

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Support the Arlington Historical Society through your purchases at any Kroger.

You can now sign up for and/or register your Kroger shopping card online to support us by visiting and clicking the Sign In/Register link at the top right side and following the steps.

Short version - Upon the final step, enter the Arlington Historical Society's name or organization number 39017 in the “Find Your Organization” field and select “Search.” Select Arlington Historical Society under Organization Name (the line will turn from blue to orange) then select “Save Changes.” {click for example}

If you no longer have your Kroger card or know your account number (have been using only your phone number) you can go by the manager's office at your local store and request for it to be looked up. You will need your number and our organization number 39017 or name to link and complete the process.

Important Note: The selected organization must be renewed annually, during the month of August.

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You can now have your Tom Thumb shopping card number linked to support the Arlington Historical Society.  The GNP or Good Neighbor Program Number for the Arlington Historical Society is 13785. Click Here to download a form you can take to the Courtesy Booth (Customer Service Office) of your local Tom Thumb store to link your Reward Card to the charity of your choice and delete any old linked charities. Don't know your card number? Call Customer Care at 1-877-723-3929.